Erectile dysfunction is a complex affliction. One of the first things people need to understand about is that there are a myriad of causes that can lead to ED. There is no such thing as one singular problem that causes erectile dysfunction. There is also no such thing as only one particular age group that can be affected by ED. While it is true that reaching a certain age can lead to some of the risk factors that in turn can cause ED, it is not a guarantee that reaching a certain age will automatically cause erectile dysfunction.

ED is not something that occurs infrequently. It is a chronic condition, and there are many different causes of erectile dysfunction. Understanding the causes can help you to decide whether or not you should begin a process of testing and treatments.


ED Causes

There are serious physical and psychological problems that can potentially cause ED in an individual of virtually any age:

  • Medical issues: Your arteries and veins are so very important to achieving and maintain an erection, so diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, MS, chronic alcoholism, and vascular disease can all be potential causes of ED. In fact, up to 70 percent of all ED cases are caused by these and other medical issues.
  • Medications: Various prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and certainly illegal drugs have side effects that can cause erectile dysfunction. These can include angina, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, IBS, ulcers, obesity, psychosis, heroin addiction, TB, prostate cancer, alcoholism, insomnia, and much more. Talk to your doctor for a complete list of drugs that can potentially cause ED, and whether or not it’s the medication, or the condition that the medication itself is treating.
  • Alcohol and nicotine: Alcohol consumed in large amounts can seriously influence your ability to get an erection. Nicotine has both short-term and long-term consequences for erections. At the very least, it can interfere with the nerve paths that create and maintain an erection.
  • Age: Although it’s not true that age directly influences the chances of ED, it is true that men of a certain age are more prone to the risk factors that can cause ED.

Erectile Dysfunction And Porn


“With a buffet including live sex chat, new naked chicks with every click, multiple windows, and escalating levels of hardcore, what actually happens inside the brain is a form of overdosing.”

Porn is so readily available now that it’s hard to say no. According to Psychology Today, though, there’s a very good reason to pull out: erectile dysfunction. Research shows that being exposed to porn desensitizes men to the point where getting turned on by regular sex simply isn’t exciting enough.

Call it a new type of impotence, if you will, where men in this study — as young as in their 20s — found it normal to have erectile dysfunction during real sexual interactions yet still were excited for the smorgasbord of internet porn.

With a buffet including live sex chat, new naked chicks with every click, multiple windows, and escalating levels of hardcore, what actually happens inside the brain is a form of overdosing. We get a dopamine spike from something wild stroking our switch, but the more we’re exposed to it and the more intense the exposure, the harder of a time we have getting aroused for our normal sex scenes at home.

For many men, achieving an erection without the constant exposure that internet porn provides is becoming more challenging. Maybe it’s time for us to go porn-free, but who actually has the willpower?

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction can be a Pain in the Groin


Being able to perform in the bedroom is a major concern for men all around the world, so dealing with erectile dysfunction can be a pain in the groin.  Not only can it be embarrassing to experience ED, it can also be painful both emotionally and physically.  Some men stoop to low levels in the hopes to extend the life of their erection or simply get one in the first place.  It’s not wise to take your frustrations out on your penis; it is doing the best it can.

You are responsible for the function of your own body parts, so if your penis is not functioning correctly then it is nobody’s fault but your own.  Diet and exercise is a main component to gaining and keeping a healthy erection that is free of dysfunction.  If you can maintain a healthy lifestyle that is clear of drugs and junk food, then you stand a better chance of living a full life sans of erectile dysfunction.  The power breeds the responsibility, so take the bull by the horns and keep your manhood intact.

Dos and Don’ts of Erectile Management

First of all, you do not want to eat foods that are high in LDL cholesterol.  This does nothing but worsen any already inhibited body functions you may be dealing with.  Keep in mind that your body will naturally send all the nutrients, blood, and attention to the most important area first.  Unfortunately, your erection is not something that you need functioning to live, and thus it requires some extra attention to maintain.

If you have high blood pressure, you should not continue expecting a perfectly functioning penis for much longer without medical attention.  Most men know that an erection is achieved by blood flow going up the shaft of the penis.  This is something that cannot be easily done when the heart is working overtime just to maintain the life functions of the body.  Having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or hypertension are the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction.

You should always talk to your health care professional before you take matters into your own hands.  There are a lot of side effects associated with prescription drugs that help with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but sometimes drugs are not necessary at all.  Talk to your doctor and see what can be done for you.

Levitra: Say Goodbye and Good Riddance to Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a word that more and more people are becoming familiar with, and also comfortable with. It means the inability of a man to be able to make and erection and then sustain that erection during sexual activity/intercourse. It is often found in older men, over 50. It used to be referred to as “impotence”… An unpleasant sounding word and one that carries with it connotations of failure, and somehow being less than a man.  But in the last two decades there have been treatments available for ED that work, and work very well, for many men. If asked what the treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is, the reply will often be “Viagra”.   That’s because Viagra was the first anti-ED oral tablet to be marketed (by Pfizer) and it caused something of a revolution when it came out. It was the butt of jokes and nudge-nudge wink-wink schoolboy tomfoolery.  That quickly passed as it was recognized that ED was a legitimate physiological complaint that could be treated just like any other complaint. Since Viagra there are now other drugs on the market that treat ED, and some have certain distinct advantages over Viagra. Levitra is one such drug.

Levitra has fewer reported side effects compared to Viagra and lasts about the same time as Viagra in the body.  That is 4 hours or longer. Some tests report that it can still have a positive effect even a day after taking it, making it similar to Cialis (sometimes known as the “weekend pill”) The side effects of Levitra, if they occur at all, are similar to all ED oral treatments, the most common being a slight headache and facial flushing. More severe side effects like stomach upsets and vision impairment are much less common.

If you look at the blue diamond pill that is Viagra, it is about the same size as an aspirin. Levitra is smaller and easier to carry in your pocket, wallet or pill case. It is also easier to swallow being a smaller size.

Another thumbs up with Levitra is that you can also take it with food.  Some other ED drugs have their effect lessened when taken after a meal. So if you want to go the whole hog, you can prepare a meal, and have a candle-lit romantic dinner with your partner without worrying that the effects of the Levitra tablet you will take at the end of the meal will have its effect diminished.

Lastly, a big plus with Levitra is that it works faster than any other ED drug. Usually just a quarter of an hour, whereas Viagra can take an hour before you feel its effect.

Levitra is available in smaller dosages of 2.5mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. It’s regarded by many as the best all-round ED treatment. Discuss it with your doctor or a qualified clinician today to see if it is the best for you. Then wave ED goodbye for good!